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Desert Storm Import


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€26.000,00 EUR
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€26.000,00 EUR

Humvee M998 +30 years

Overhauled (unrestored) V8 6.2 or 6.5 BVA3

These vehicles come from military surplus, no one has touched them or tinkered with them since their reform of the American army. They serve as a working basis for us to offer complete turnkey restorations. ( See the configurator )  

The vehicles are delivered rolling and revised (Emptying, filters) No preventive maintenance will be carried out, you can however choose to acquire these vehicles in their "juice" or to customize them a minimum to meet your expectations.

You can focus on Mechanics and order us a full inspection of the vehicle followed by its repairs.

Or choose Cosmetics by favoring a new paint and add options and accessories  ( See the options list